Piano lessons for kids benefit the brain for decades

How to Start Piano Lessons for Pre-School Aged Children
How to Start Piano Lessons for Pre-School Aged Children
February 3, 2017
Fun Piano Lessons
Fun Way to Read Music and Play Piano
February 25, 2017

Researchers at Northwestern University have published several studies that show even limited piano lessons for kids have numerous benefits for the brain. One of the most recent studies found older adults whose studied music as kids have better neural timing and responded faster to sound later in life, all key in keeping hearing and the brain sharp.

Older adults with early musical experience have a biologically younger brain with respect to this particular responsiveness to sounds. The benefits of childhood music lessons seem to last even if the person has not practiced published several studies that show even limitedfor decades. Other research from Northwestern University shows children who study music become better readers and have better attention and memory skills. Just as exercise keeps the body fit music lessons keep the auditory system fit. The auditory system is the temple expert of the brain and we see that kids who have good reading, good rhythmic skills, and kids who play music are ones for home sound is processed in a very consistent and stable manner.

Benefits of learning piano lessons for kids

All kids should be exposed to learning music because of its powerful benefits.  One important piece of advice for parents is that it’s important not to quit piano music lessons and rather find a fun approach to learning music. Even if your child for example it’s not interested in playing a particular instrument, or you see that violin for example it’s too hard maybe just a switch to piano lessons for kids. The good results don’t come from simply listening to music but rather say researchers from learning to read and play an instrument.

So let the music play because there’s growing evidence it’s important for the brain both in childhood and well beyond.

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